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Flower Care- Bulk Flowers

We are so excited to be offering bulk flowers as an option here at Bitterroot Studio! You can read more about bulk flowers here and learn about our bulk flower packages here. However, here at BRS we are also committed to ease, convenience and, of course, beautiful flowers! One important part of bulk flowers is […]

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Bouquet Shapes

There are many different bouquet shapes to choose from for your wedding! Honestly, that is one of the best part of wedding flowers. They are completely customizable to you and what you want! However, there also downsides to that. Having so many different options can make it rather hard to choose what, exactly, you want! […]

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Candice and Johnathan

Candice and Johnathan got married the day before the fourth largest snowstorm in Denver history! Candice and Johnathan got married at Wedgewood Ken Caryl on March 17th, in a beautiful, snowy ceremony. The couple was lucky to get their wedding in before 26 inches of snow fell at DIA! They were also lucky because the […]

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Winter Wedding- The Rinks

Ahh winter. Some people love it. A lot of people hate it. Personally, I actually like winter– especially for a winter wedding! The Rinks got married on an absolutely gorgeous day in January at Wedgewood Boulder Creek. The couple fully embraced the winter theme and chose a very textural and wintery floral palette. Also, can […]

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Lionsgate: Sam & Lucas Real Wedding

We believe highlighting real weddings we’ve done is a great way to showcase what your venue is actually going to look like! And this real wedding at Lionsgate was so fun, we just have to showcase it! Lionsgate is such a cool and unique venue because they have an expansive property. There are many different […]

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Ken Caryl- Real Wedgewood Wedding

Today I wanted to focus on a real Ken Caryl wedding– one of our Wedgewood partners! Here at Bitterroot Studio we pride ourselves on giving you the best experience possible! Part of that is designing gorgeous flowers for you no matter where you’re getting married. We have been working with Wedgewood weddings for years now, […]

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Main Boulder Creek- Real Wedgewood Wedding

Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings is a stunning venue located just a few minutes from downtown Boulder. We have done so many weddings here and we LOVE IT! One of our favorite parts is the two different ceremony locations! The creekside location, which I highlighted here, and the main Boulder Creek location. The great part […]

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Indoor Brittany Hill- Real Wedding

Wedgewood Brittany Hill has two locations: an indoor and an outdoor! Last week I covered the outdoor location, and this week I wanted to focus on their gorgeous indoor arch! Here at Bitterroot Studio we were created solely for our Wedgewood brides! We have been writing these blogs with sole purpose of showing you what […]

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Brittany Hill- Wedgewood Real Wedding

We created Bitterroot Studio solely for the purpose of serving our Wedgewood brides! This wedding at Brittany Hill was so stunning! I wanted to take some time over the next few weeks to highlight some real weddings at each of the Wedgewood properties we work with. By highlighting weddings that we’ve actually done, you can […]

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Real Wedding- Wedgewood Boulder Creek

I wanted to take a break from all the flower talk to highlight one of our favorite real weddings from the last year. The unique part about us here at Bitterroot Studio is we were created primarily for the purpose of servicing our Wedgewood couples! And we sure did have a wild ride over the […]

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