Wedding White

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Just because white is classic, doesn't mean it's boring! White can be paired with abundant, lush greenery or kept clean and elegant with flower focused designs. White is also so traditional, that an all white color scheme will immediately set a romantic, classic mood for a wedding. 

Classic Beauty

One of the first colors many people think of when they think of a wedding is white. White flowers are classic for a reason! 

Beautiful Blush

Blush is as classic as white, but with a heightened romance factor. Using a blush color scheme really invokes a fairytale happy ending. Another plus: blush is a very flexible color scheme, pink pairs nicely with pretty greenery, dusty blue or gray. There are so many options for your blush happy ending. 

Blush Beauty

A blush and cream floral scheme immediately calls to mind romance! Soft pink brings all the classic beauty of white, with a gorgeous feminine twist. 

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Captivating Color 

A lot of people's minds automatically jump to white when they think wedding colors, but our colorful brides are changing the norm! Colorful weddings have so much flexibility. They can be bright and bold, dark and moody or fun and whimsical. Bright colors complement the white of a wedding dress beautifully and they stand out wonderfully in photos. 

Vibrant Love

Colorful weddings are so trendy right now, and for good reason! Bright colors really pop, and are an amazing way to showcase a couple's personality. 

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Whimsical Wildflowers

Wildflowers are having a moment right now as couples consider smaller, more natural weddings. Often locally sourced and native to the couple's state, wildflowers are a great way to incorporate a personal touch. Their looser, more carefree style is also perfect for all you boho brides!

Wild Hearts

We love wildflower weddings! Wildflowers bring so much natural beauty and can really enhance your "sense of place". Using wildflowers in your wedding flowers is a great way to celebrate and highlight your natural
surroundings of beautiful Colorado! 

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Marvelous Maroon

Maroon is elegant, classic and beautiful! We often see this color scheme being used for cold weather weddings. However, it's your wedding so there are no rules, maroon is beautiful no matter the season.  

Beautiful burgundy

Maroon is great for couples that want color, but still want something classic. Moody, romantic, and lush, it's perfect for fall, winter or really any season!

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Awesome  Assortments

From seasonal colors to all green there were just too many options to make a category for all of them. That doesn't mean we love these color schemes any less though! There is truly something out there for everyone, and at Bitterroot Studio we love unique color schemes just as much as the classic ones. 

Something for Everyone

There are so many great color schemes out there we couldn't fit them all into categories! Check out these weddings for some extra inspiration.

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Boulder Creek

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Boulder, Boulder Creek feels miles away from the rush of the city! With indoor and outdoor ceremony site options there is something for everyone at Boulder Creek. With a serene feel accented by natural trees, gorgeous stonework, and of course, Boulder Creek, the venue really highlights the best parts of getting married in Colorado. One of our favorite parts is covering the built in arch with flowers!

Classic Colorado

Boulder Creek is a classic Colorado venue. Towering pines, lush lawns and a beautiful mountain setting are all accented by a gently bubbling creek. 

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Brittany Hill

With views of both Denver and the surrounding mountains, Brittany Hill offers the best of both worlds for our Colorado couples. Tuscan style architecture paired with modern features give the venue a dreamy castle-like feeling, perfect for a modern wedding. Our favorite parts are the gorgeous circular arch and, of course, those panoramic views!

Unique Luxury

High on a hill overlooking Denver and the surrounding mountains, Brittany Hill is an elegant and unique wedding venue. 

Photos By Luke and Cat Photography

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Located in Lafayette, Colorado Lionsgate is close to the action, but far from ordinary! On-site there are three unique and beautiful locations to choose from. The Dove House offers historic charm in a brick-laid setting, the Chandelier barn is elegant and so unique, and the Gatehouse is accented beautifully with deep wood and stained glass windows. The team of in-house experts also takes pride in making sure each event goes perfectly from start to finish. 

Sophisticated Charm

With three custom and unique locations on-site, Lionsgate is the perfect location for your one-of-kind wedding. From chandeliers to stained glass, everyone can find something to love here!

Photos By Jill Houser Photography

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