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May 6, 2021

Flower Care- Bulk Flowers

We are so excited to be offering bulk flowers as an option here at Bitterroot Studio! You can read more about bulk flowers here and learn about our bulk flower packages here. However, here at BRS we are also committed to ease, convenience and, of course, beautiful flowers! One important part of bulk flowers is flower care! You want your flowers to look amazing for your wedding day, and there are some steps you need to take to ensure that happens!

Flower Care-From Us

There are a couple different options when ordering bulk flowers from us! You can choose from either a package or loose. Package flowers include a set number of flower and greenery stems to create bouquets, boutonnieres or centerpieces and they come in several different color schemes for your convenience. Or, you can choose to just pick and choose flowers from our bulk shop, we will order them in and they are yours to pick up! If you’re going this route, you will need to make sure you choose everything you need and that you have enough stems for your design! Pinterest and YouTube are great resources for DIY tutorials.

Bulk Flowers- Bouquet
Simple Bouquet

However, whatever route you choose your bulk flowers will receive some flower care from us before you receive them! We are able to get unique and beautiful flowers from all over the world that we love passing on to you. But, many of our flowers have gone on a long journey. When we get them we take a few steps to get them looking their best for you. First, we unpack them, of course! Then we strip off all their leaves. Tip: if you want flowers and arrangements to last longer- make sure there are no leaves in the water! Leaving leaves to soak in water will cause them to rot and injure the flower! Then we give the stems a quick snip, place them in fresh water for you and they head into our coolers to chill before you come pick them up!

Flower Care- On Your End

After you pick up your flowers, the flower care becomes your responsibility! Your flower care will start from the moment you pick them up. First, you will want to choose a good time to pick up your flowers! You don’t want to choose a time where they are going to be riding around in your hot car all day, or when they will have to sit in the sun for too long. This will cause them to wilt! You will also want to make sure you are picking them up in right time frame for your wedding. Two weeks is too long, but the day before might not give you enough time to make all your arrangements! We usually get our flowers in from the wholesaler on Tuesday, and Wednesday or Thursday before your Saturday wedding would probably be a good time to pick them up!

After you’ve picked up your flowers and gone straight home, you will want to get them in the coolest place you can find. A walk-in, large fridge, cool garage or basement are usually some of the places we recommend. Flowers like to be kept at 40-50 degrees. Any warmer and they might start to wilt or bloom too quickly! Then you will want to give them fresh water, a fresh snip (on an angle so they can soak up more water!) and pick off any leaves or dead looking petals!

After that, you are able to start designing! We recommend starting with arrangements that can be kept in water. That would be centerpieces and bouquets, and then the day before your wedding you can start boutonnieres and corsages. That way the flowers won’t be out of water for too long! Once all of your arrangements and bouquets have been made, you will still want to make sure they are being kept cool until the day of your wedding. And on the day of your wedding, don’t place any arrangements in direct sun hours before your ceremony, and try to keep your bouquets in water as much as possible!

Simple Boutonniere
Simple Boutonniere

Bulk Flowers- Design Tips

Designing with bulk flowers can be one of the most fun parts of your wedding! However, if you don’t plan ahead it can also be one of the most stressful! Of course, bulk flowers are not for everyone (reach out if they’re not for you- we’d love to design for you!) However, if you do choose to go the bulk flowers route Pinterest and YouTube are great resources for for tutorials.

Flower Care- Simple Centerpieces
Simple DIY Centerpieces

The most important thing we can advise for you though is plan ahead! Bulk flowers can be really fun or really stressful. We’ve found brides have fun if they can get their bridesmaids together a couple nights before the wedding to design. We would not advise trying the night before! Grab some wine, grab your girls and get to designing! If you want some more tips and tricks check out our blog on bulk flowers.

Flower Care- Centerpieces
More Complex Centerpieces

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