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April 22, 2021

Bouquet Shapes

There are many different bouquet shapes to choose from for your wedding! Honestly, that is one of the best part of wedding flowers. They are completely customizable to you and what you want! However, there also downsides to that. Having so many different options can make it rather hard to choose what, exactly, you want! Pinterest is a great resource for this, but that too can be overwhelming!

Here at Bitterroot Studio we always try to make things as easy for you as we can! So, I decided to write up a short, simple guide of bouquet shapes, since there are so many!

Hand-Tied Bouquet Shapes

Hand-tied is kind of a catch-all term which can make it hard to determine what it really is. At it’s most basic level, hand-tied just means the stems are tied together. Or, even more broadly, you hold the stems with your hands and not the stick of a bouquet holder. Confusing? I know! That’s what we’re here for!

So, since hand-tied can mean so many different things I am going to break out down into two more categories: loose and “round.”


Loose hand-tied bouquets are honestly some of the ones we make most here. They are so romantic, which makes them perfect for weddings. They are also very adaptable, so they fit many different wedding themes. From rustic barn, cozy winter to wildflower boho loose hand-tieds have done it all!

Loose hand-tied bouquets can vary a lot in size, which is where most of the differences in them come from.

Loose hand tied bouquet
Small Loose Bouquet
Medium Hand Tied Bouquet Shapes
Medium Hand-Tied Bouquet
Large Hand Tied Bouquet
Large Hand-Tied Bouquet


Lovingly referred to as “roundy-moundy” bouquets in our studio, round hand-tied bouquets are exactly how they sound- round! But, they also come in different variations, however, these usually vary based on how the ratio of greens to flowers.

Babies Breath Round
Babies Breath Round Bouquet
Floral Round Bouquet
Flower Heavy Round Bouquet
Round Bouquet Shapes
Greenery Heavy Round Bouquet

Cascade Bouquet Shapes

Cascade bouquets are different from hand-tied bouquets in that they generally are built on a bouquet holder. Now, some other florist will build more than just cascade bouquets on a bouquet holder, but we don’t really do that here at Bitterroot! It’s all personal preference though. The most important difference between cascade and hand-tied, however, is that cascade bouquets generally have more of a shape. And usually that shape is waterfall! They can also vary in size though.

Small Cascade Bouquet Shapes
Smaller Cascade Bouquet
Small Cascade
Medium Cascade Bouquet

This is a very low quality picture, but this is seriously one of the largest cascade bouquets I’ve ever made! I just had to show you.

Cascade Bouquet Shapes
Huge Cascade

Other Bouquet Shapes

Of course, pricing for these types of bouquets varies based on size, flower type and flower density. If you’re curious or want a quote, feel free to reach out! And, as I mentioned above there are SO MANY options for bouquet and bouquet shapes! We can do almost anything your heart desires. And we love love love getting creative. If you need some more bouquet inspiration check out our Pinterest! You can also see other bouquets, real weddings and planning tips on our blog!

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