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April 1, 2021

Dried Florals

Dried florals are such a unique and interesting trend in the wedding sphere. In 2020, couples really began moving toward smaller and more intimate weddings. This means couples were really looking for more unique pieces. Often this also meant couples had a bigger floral budget and a smaller space so we could really fill it! Because of this a lot of couples started moving toward more unique features, such as dried florals.

Using Dried Florals In Your Wedding

Like anything for your wedding, there are pros and cons to using dried florals in your wedding. The pros are that they are unique and provide really interesting texture. They can also last longer than fresh flowers, and are more durable in certain weather conditions.

However, the cons include the fact that they can be kind of hard to source. A lot of florists work with fresh flowers so they may have to ship dried flowers in. You may also have to shop online for them which means they will have to be shipped. Now there’s nothing wrong with shipping! This is just related to the second con, which is dried flowers are very delicate. They can crumble very easily. However, don’t let this discourage you from using them. In my opinion the pros far outweigh the cons! I believe the gorgeous texture and interest they add is so worth it!

Dried Floral Crown
Textural Rust Floral Crown

Unfortunately, with all the turmoil in 2020, there was another pro to dried flowers. They don’t die! So if you order flowers and then need to move your wedding, your dried flowers will still look as good as they did when you were supposed to be getting married! Unfortunately, many brides also ran into the trouble of having already ordered their flowers, only for their wedding to end up cancelled. In this case, drying those flowers and incorporating them into your day is a great way to make sure they don’t get wasted.

Using Dried Florals

Using dried flowers in your day can mean any number of things! From doing an all dried bridal, flower crown or boutonniere- we can make it all! You could also choose to do a mix of dried and fresh flowers, for a chic ultra modern look! However, we don’t recommend trying to DIY your own dried flowers. First, drying flowers takes a long time– and it can be hard to make sure they will be dry for your big day. Second, they are very very delicate and shatter easily. If you are interested in using dried flowers in your day, feel free to send a chat here!

Dried Boutonniere
All White Dried Boutonniere
Mixed dried and fresh
Mixed Dried & Fresh Bouquets

Drying Your Flowers

Dried flowers are also great, because as I said, with proper care they can last a long time! if you use pre-dried flowers in your wedding arrangements you can take them out and display them. You will just want to be careful to keep them from getting wet and from direct sunlight. Dried flowers in direct sun might accidentally bleach!

You can also dry your fresh flowers after your wedding for the same reason! If you dry your fresh flowers after your wedding, you will still be able to enjoy them for years to come. I always recommend the hanging method to dry, as it is quite easy! You just choose the flowers you want to dry, wrap them in wire and hang them in a cool, dry place for a couple weeks. Flowers also maintain their shape well when using this method. You could also choose to press your flowers and arrange them in a frame after your wedding. However, this can get kind of tricky as it is easy for the flowers to grow mold using this method.

Your florist can help you determine what flowers dry well, but a good rule of thumb is if they are hardy to begin with they will be pretty easy to dry. Roses, baby’s breath and greenery all dry really nice. Things like calla lilies and other delicate flowers tend to be more fragile and smaller when they dry.

Where to Buy Dried Flowers

As I’ve said, dried flowers can sometimes be sort of hard to source. Etsy is usually a great place to look! Much of what is sold on Etsy comes from small businesses, and if you are judicious can be of very high quality. In fact, our sisters over at Painted Primrose actually have an Etsy shop where nearly everything in this post is sold! They dry almost all of the flowers they use directly in the shop!

All White Dried Bridal Crown

If you are looking for more inspiration you can check out our Pinterest! Or feel free to reach out if you are ready to book.

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