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January 27, 2021

Floral Packages

Last week I talked about the new bulk floral packages we’re offering at Bitterroot studio! We are so excited for this new opportunity to better serve our brides! You can read all about our bulk flower offerings here.

Bulk flowers are great for our DIY brides. If you are dedicated and motivated, doing it yourself is a great way to save money. However, flowers are delicate and can’t be stored for too long! Meaning you would be adding more to do on your long to do list the week before your wedding!

Bulk baby's breath flowers
Bulk Baby’s Breath Option

Other Budget Options

We are so excited to be offering more options for your wedding as well! At Bitterroot Studio we totally understand keeping your wedding on a budget! We are so happy to be able to cater to ALL of our couples, no matter what the budget. If you are on a tight budget, but aren’t a DIY gal, we are so excited to be offering pre-made, al-a-carte items for your wedding! If you just need a bouquet and a couple bridesmaids, but aren’t too picky, we offer several different styles, pre-made for your convenience!

One of our favorite things about this offering is it makes your life so easy! You can just pick and click and have beautiful flowers for your day. We theme, so no matter what your day looks like you can have beautiful flowers to match.

Themed Floral Packages

Our al-a-carte packages come in four different themes.

Soft and romantic, which is a very subtle mix of white and blush to make for a beautiful, soft palette.

Soft and Romantic Bridal

We also offer a classic romance style. This is exactly what it sounds like! Classic, beautiful whites and greens. This is so timeless and romantic!

Classic romance floral package
Classic Romance Bridal

For our more colorful brides, we offer a bold and punchy option. These are big, bright flowers in all different colors! These are amazing for spring and summer weddings.

Bold and punchy floral package
Bold and Punchy Bridal

Finally, we also offer dark and moody al-a-carte wedding pieces. If you are thinking about a fall wedding, or if you just look better in dark colors, these might be the flowers for you!

Dark and moody floral package
Dark and Moody Bridal

To order al-a-carte (or bulk flowers!) check out our website! If you need some more information, feel free to call or email us! You can also check out our Pinterest for more inspiration!

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