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January 14, 2021

Wildflower Elopement

Wildflowers can make a really beautiful wedding statement. In Colorado, we have such a gorgeous wildflower season! We love using them for wildflower elopement. Using wildflowers, especially our pretty mountain flowers, can really give your guests a sense of place, and make it really clear that you’re having a Colorado wedding!

Last week we talked about using local flowers in your wedding, and wildflowers are honestly a great way to do that too! Often, local growers will grow “standard” flowers such as roses or dahlias, but many of them also grow local wildflowers that we can source! Check out last week’s blog for more advice on local flowers!

Wildflower bridal portrait
Wildflower Bridal Mountainside

Wildflower Elopement

This couple eloped on a mountainside. So, using local wildflowers made perfect sense! Her wildflower bouquet looked right at home on the mountainside.

Wildflower elopement couple
Couple Portrait

We also created a custom floral piece for our bride’s hair.

Wildflower elopement mountainside couple
Hair Piece and Bridal Bouquet
Wildflower elopement bridal bouquet
Bridal Bouquet Close Up

Wildflowers are great for elopements, garden weddings or even the boho bride! They can work in almost any setting, and they look so good, no matter what! For more bridal inspiration, check out our Pinterest!

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