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January 7, 2021

Local Flowers

Using local flowers is a great way to do two of our favorite things: save money and support small businesses! 

Local Flowers

Local wildflowers add beautiful interest to weddings. By using flowers that grow in the area, your guests get more of a sense of location. Especially in beautiful Colorado, highlighting location makes for a gorgeous, cohesive day. Wildflower bouquets are some of our favorite things to design. We love the loose, flowy boho look and the way they just scream Colorado. Our mountains grow some beautiful flowers! Using them in your bouquet makes for a real, wild Colorado wedding.

Flowers that are local and in-season are also a great way to save money. Using local flowers doesn’t only mean using flowers that are native to Colorado. While many of our local partners do grow Colorado wildflowers, many of them also grow more “traditional” flowers. If you need roses and dahlias you can get them! Getting your flowers from a local farm generally means you won’t have to pay as much for shipping. Your flowers will also be fresher and of higher quality than flowers shipped long distances. Many of our local partners also offer bulk flowers, which is really great for our DIY brides!

Large, boho themed arch
Boho Wildflower Arch

Local Flower Partners

Supporting local businesses, especially lately, is an awesome way to give back to your community. Plus, like I mentioned above, they tend to offer much higher quality product! I included some of our favorite local partners below.

Boulder Flower Farm

A local flower farm and venue, BFF has something for everyone! They grow everything from peonies to Asiatic lilies. There’s always something new going on in their greenhouse too. They are also currently offering micro-weddings on their farm. You can get married surrounded by beautiful fields flowers!

Sol y Sombra

Located right here in Longmont, Sol y Sombra is a well established local flower farm. The mother-daughter team focuses on local, Colorado wildflowers. They offer full weddings, bulk flowers, bucket flowers, floral partners and DIY workshops.

Red Daisy Farm

Another local farm and small venue! Red Daisy Farm offers bulk flowers and cut flowers. They also partner with local resellers and florists frequently. They grow tons of wildflowers, amazing peonies and dahlias! If you’re really into DIY and have a massive green thumb, they also offer seed starter kits. You can plant, nurture and grow all the stems for your own wedding!

Idlewild Flower Farm

Also located right here in Longmont Idlewild grows seasonal flowers, vegetables and herbs. They also host micro-weddings and farm dinners if any of you want to try some real, local Colorado food. With a long list of flowers and filler they grow, your local wildflower wedding is within reach!

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