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December 30, 2020

Summer Seasonal Highlight

As the weather gets colder and we look forward to a host of 2021 weddings, we wanted to do a seasonal highlight of one of our favorite weddings from a few years ago. We are bringing this seasonal highlight wedding back today for a few reasons. First, the bright colors give me all the summer feelings, and I am really missing warm weather. Plus, we’ve been talking about seasonal flowers and what better way to highlight that? Second, we are predicting bold, colorful weddings will be back in a BIG way in 2021.

The following images are all from a real wedding that took place in the summer. The couple really embraced a bright, bold and beautiful summer palette by using a mix of bright colors. By incorporating sunflowers and tulips, the couple was also able to capture a wildflower vibe, while still incorporating some of their favorite flowers.

Seasonal highlight featuring a summery, big, bold and colorful bridal bouquet
Bright, beautiful bridal bouquet
Large, bold groom's boutonniere
Groom’s boutonniere
Seasonal highlight featuring short bridesmaid's dresses and bright colors.
Colorful bridesmaids
Unique, seasonal centerpiece.
Unique centerpiece


Approaching the end of 2020, we can certainly look back and wonder “what the heck was that??” But 2020 also brought a lot of blessings for us! As our first year in business, it certainly didn’t go as we planned, but opening our doors and getting our feet on the ground is as good a place to start as any! We are grateful for that.

As we look forward 2021 (and we sure are looking forward to it!), we are excited about the new trends we are seeing from our couples. Couples are moving more toward nature, outdoor and intimate weddings. Many couples are also being more choosey with their money and spending more money on the small details, such as flowers. Our grown up 80’s and 90’s babies are embracing color more than ever, and personally, I love it. Here at Bitterroot Studio, we are loving the intimate, personal details, and are so excited for the coming year!

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