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December 23, 2020

Seasonal Flowers

As promised two weeks ago, today we are going to be talking about all about seasonal flowers! Christmas is in two days after all. We are really in a seasonal mood here at Bitterroot. Using seasonal flowers in your wedding is great for two reasons. First, they are often cheaper! Second, they tie the season to your wedding and help set the mood! 

Seasonal flowers arranged into a winter bouquet
Classic Winter Bouquet

Considering Seasonal Flowers

Considering the location and the season you are getting married in is super important when choosing flowers. For example, if you’re getting married in Colorado in November and you want orchids, you will have to ship them in from Thailand or Hawaii. This can be very expensive. But if you’re getting married in Hawaii and want orchids, they are much easier to come by. Of course, not much grows in Colorado in the winter! This means seasonal flowers may still need to be shipped in. If they are in their natural growing season, they will be cheaper and higher quality than those orchids in November.

Seasonal Flower Wildflower Bouquet
Classic, Colorful Wildflower Bouquet

Some flowers sadly have a very short growing period. These can be hard to come by and can get expensive very quickly. One example of this is the ever-popular peony. Peonies, while gorgeous, have a very short growing season, only from about April to June. They also only flower for about a week. They are also in high demand, meaning you may have to consider some seasonal replacements, such as garden roses, which look very similar but aren’t as delicate!

Seasonal bridesmaid bouquet Featuring roses and pink peony
Bridesmaid Bouquet Featuring Pink Peony

Seasonal Themes

Seasonal flowers are also so great for incorporating the mood of a season into your wedding. Often, people think this means red, green and pine in the winter, and it CAN. But it certainly doesn’t have to! Incorporating sunflowers in the summer or fall, or my personal favorite fall flower: dahlias are great ways to make it feel like fall. Dahlias are great for fall because they’re blooming, they come in beautiful dark colors and they’re so striking! Think about what’s blooming in the season you’re getting married in: lilacs and daffodils in the spring, dahlias in the fall and wildflowers all summer. 

Vibrant arch piece using seasonal flowers
Arch Featuring Multi-Colored Dahlias

Seasonal flowers can also mean incorporating seasonal colors into your day. (Hello Christmas colored wedding!) Think pastels in the spring, vibrants in the summer and brilliant gold in the fall. However, do not feel like you are ONLY allowed to use seasonal colors! We really believe using pastels in winter or deep jewel tones in the summer can be just as gorgeous and non-traditional.

Classic winter boutonnieres
Classic Winter Boutonnieres

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