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December 8, 2020

Amazing Arches

Last week we focused on what flowers are important to include in a wedding. If you missed our advice, you can find that post here. Today, we wanted to highlight one of our favorite additions to a wedding: amazing arches. 


We love arches for weddings for a lot of reasons! First, they can really bring a lot of romance and glamour to a ceremony. How many times in your life do you get to love on your partner surrounded by all the flowers you can dream of? The ceremony is one of the most photographed parts of the day, and for good reason! That’s what makes all the partying official! Because of that, having an arch can make those photographs stand out even more. We love seeing photographs of the first kiss framed beautifully with flowers.

Amazing arch framing a first kiss
First kiss framed by florals

Second, your wedding arch is so versatile! Of course, it is used in the ceremony, but then it can be reused! We’ve seen couples move the whole arch to use as a photobooth backdrop, or backdrop behind the head table. We also see couples take the floral pieces off their arch and use them on the head table, bar or welcome table. This saves you money on paying for two floral pieces, and means you get to enjoy them longer!

Amazing arch reused behind a head table
Wedding arch reused behind a head table


We included some of our favorite arches, just in case you need a little more inspiration! You can also check out our sister studio’s Pinterest board for more amazing arches inspiration!

Amazing arch featuring rose-heavy florals
Rose heavy floral arch
Amazing arch featuring sunflowers and abundant wildflowers
Floral arch featuring sunflowers
Amazing arch featuring abundant pink and orange color themes
Large floral arch featuring pink and orange

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