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December 1, 2020

Florals To Include

Awhile back, we introduced a new blog series focusing on many of the questions and concerns couples run into. We gave some tips on how to set a wedding budget here. Last week, we focused on how much to budget for flowers. If you missed the post you can check it out here. This week we are focusing on florals to include in your wedding.

What florals do I need to include?

Many couples struggle to figure out what florals to include in a wedding and which can be skipped. However, what flowers need to be included is entirely up to the couple. This means it can vary wildly based on each couple’s wants. We sometimes have brides who want a big, glamorous bouquet so they spend most of their budget on that and get more creative with centerpieces. Or sometimes having the arch of their dreams is a must for a couple, so they skip the extras to focus on that. 

Including florals in a dramatic arch
Dramatic green and white arch

A good plan of action here would be to sit down with your partner and assess what is most important to you. Does each of your aunts and uncles need boutonnieres? Do all of the bridesmaids need bouquets? Is an arch important to you? What about cake flowers? There are so many different places flowers can be used in a wedding. It’s important to make sure you and your partner are getting exactly what you envision!

Our Recommendations

One thing we always like to recommend to our couples is that they think about what gets photographed the most. Again, the answer here varies wildly, depending on the couple and the photographer, but a good place to start is typically the couple (of course), the ceremony and the cake. If you can only invest in a few places, personal flowers for the couple is a good place to start. 

Including florals for the couple featuring a personal bouquet and boutonniere
FoPortrait featuring personal flowers for the couple

We also love arches, as they can really elevate those precious ceremony photos. Having that first kiss framed by flowers can create a really romantic and lasting memory, and that is something that is really important to a lot of couples. Cakes also tend to be one of the more photographed details of a wedding, and many couples opt to include a few blooms on their dessert.

Including florals on a cake, large white blooms
Cake featuring floral blooms

Of course, all of this is very subjective! Don’t want flowers on your cake, don’t have them! Want to do a donut wall instead? Go for it! If you want lots of flowers in your centerpieces but no arch, that’s completely up to you and your partner. That’s why we say it’s important to sit down with your partner and decide what matters to the two of you before you sit down with your florist.  

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